• What does #FemTube mean?
    FemTube is a term coined by Akilah Hughes, and it combines female + YouTube. It is the hashtag we use on the first Monday of every month for our FemTube event to increase representation and community online.
  • When did FemTube start?
    The idea began at VidCon 2015 at the Women on YouTube Creator Workshop, and the first #FemTube event happened on the first Monday of August following the convention. Since then I, Alexandria, have hosted the event every month and worked to spread awareness and include as many people include as many folks into the space as possible.
  • How do I participate?
    There are a few ways. On the first Monday of every month, you can check in on the tag on social media (most notably Twitter and Tumblr) to find folks sharing their favorite videos of the moment, and both share your own videos you are loving, as well as retweet/reblog, and comment. You can also participate in the #FemTubeChat, which is hosted by Rowan Ellis on a bi-monthly basis on Mondays regarding various topics about the creative process. The tag has been the main space for interacting with folks for the past year, however now this website will also be a hub for finding creators, as well as content in between these events. 
  • I am ____ identity, can I participate?
    Although FemTube combines female + YouTube, the mission statement for this space is to provide a safe and empowering space for underrepresented and marginalized folks. Therefore if you feel that FemTube's mission statement works for you, either to belong with or simply to ally with, you are welcome. This is not meant to be an exclusive space. 
  • I am looking for more FemTube-safe spaces online. How do I find those?
    Aside from searching the #FemTube and #WomenonYT tags, one of my main suggestions would be the Women Creators on YouTube Facebook Page. That is a great place that most of the folks who are in the creator database utilize, and you might find this to be a good space for you.
  • I am a creator who wants to have my information included on the Creator Database, have my art sold, or have my work featured on the blog. How do I do that?
    There are contact forms on the Creators and Blog pages, respectively for having your content included on the website. There is currently not a contact form available on the Merch site since we are still working on finalizing the products available. If you would like to have your merchandise included on the website, email me, Alexandria, at femtubeandmore@gmail.com with the subject line: FemTube Merchandise
  • I am a potential investor who wants to help pay for your website costs, how do I contact you?
    Okay, so I am mostly putting this in here for my own comic relief. I made this website out of my own love, and am paying for it out of my own funds. Therefore, I will gladly accept any financial help to cover those costs. I love this community, and FemTube is a passion project of mine, but it is also important to remember that if there is some magical investor who wants to help manage those costs, let's chat. 
  • I have a question that you did not think of, Alexandria. Checkmate. 
    Okay, you got me. Include your query in the form below, and I will include it in the website.
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